Savon Stories Organic Hand and Body Wash - Mandarin & Geranium

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Savon Stories Organic Hand and Body Wash - Mandarin & Geranium

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A mouth-watering, sweet citrus-floral blend, dedicated to uplifting you with every wash.

Raw, uncooked & cured, this unique wash was cold-processed to retain the nutrients of the oils inside: hydrating extra virgin Greek olive oil, with a touch of nourishing coconut, castor and hempseed oil. The saponified mixture is then “cured” in a barrel in a cool basement for several weeks, before being blended with spring water and aromatic essential oils. The result is a gentle, nourishing and moisturising feel, well after washing. The only soap of its kind in the world, your skin has felt nothing like this!

USES: Massage well, allowing skin to absorb, then rinse. For extra lather effect, wet skin first. Delicate enough for use on face. Avoid eye area.

The grandfather of the Savon Stories' family lived a fulfilling 115 years. His secret, the Savon Stories family believes, was a combination of gentle character with a minimally portioned, but densely nutritious diet. The family call it "raw minimalism" - to be rich with less than more.

Convinced that the skin is a 'second stomach', his granddaughter, whom he raised on the family farm, took this ethos to handcrafting organic skincare for enduing health & beauty, using rich & raw botanicals kept close to their natural state to retain their nutrition & trueness.

Made in England